Concentrate facial oil to protect your skin long-term

Concentrate facial oil is a concentrated plant’s medicine in a bottle.

.When we choose less but better products, it is down to the performance of the multi-purpose single product.

Roseroma skin treatment is about slow beauty, natural experience, sensorial lavishness.

It delivers precious nutrients to the skin layers such as antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Roseroma Concentrate facial oil has been composed for having a good skin every day: to reinforce the skin’s resilience, activate its renewal, brighten the dullness, quell irritation, lock in moisture.

Plump, supple appearance of well-pampered skin cannot be faked even by the best makeup.

 When skin barrier becomes damaged, it lets the pollution and pathogens deeper into the skin layers, causing inflammation, sensitivity, and redness. Fragility and impairment of the skin barrier can manifest as symptoms of dryness, sensitivity, and lacklustre look.

Roseroma Concentrate facial oil purpose is to stimulate the skin’s own healing mechanisms.

Most basic skincare needs are repair, heal and protect. Daytime is about protection and night-time – restoring.

Feeding skin to growing health is possible with the help of essential phyto-nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids), which plants produce for their own good.

What skin condition?

Anti-ageing   anti-redness dry  dull combination  pigmentation        sensitive       uneven tone

Certain facts

Lustre inducing nutrients

‘I infused the flower and resin essences in the nurturing vegetal blend. This composition delivers the essence of vitality to skin.’ @lunaroseroma

Vegetal oils are lipids. They give the skin energy to repair and regenerate. Squalene forms the lipid film on the upper skin layer.

High level of oleic acid seals in precious moisture, protects natural lipid barrier.

Vitamin C brightens the skin, rejuvenates depleted uneven skin tone.

Vitamin E (antioxidant) protects the skin cells from disintegration.

Lipids are photoprotective.

Contributing INGREDIENTS can be found here:

Rose, its beauty and subtle but distinct powdery scent gives it all.

Rose and Frankincense are restoring and repairing.

Everlasting is detoxing and anti-inflammatory. It can help repair free radicals damage, stimulate collagen production, and cellular regeneration, improve circulation, purify skin with its antiseptic qualities, and reduce redness.

Rose Otto oil is blended with rich in vitamins and fatty acids Rosehip and Raspberry seed oils to stimulate collagen formation, retain moisture, perfect the complexion, heal and protect the skin from harsh environment.

100% virgin, cold-pressed, organic Prickly Pear seed oil is known as the miracle. It is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins E and K. It transforms the skin by reducing irritation and inflammation, lightening dark spots, brightening skin tone, and restoring skin elasticity. It deeply moisturises because of its high linoleic fatty acid content. It deeply penetrates the skin to nourish and soften.

Found in Concentrate facial oil.

Self-care is needed for self-confidence to do what you meant to do.

Luxury for me is an access to pure whole ingredients, easiness in application and feeling good in my skin.‘ @lunaroseroma


Concentrate facial oil aids in reducing dark spots, adding tissue regeneration. 

Skin needs retinoids which it turns into vitamin A to increase cell-turnover, antioxidants to firm and brighten the skin, vitamin C and E to stimulate structural skin proteins and slow cellular ageing, essential fatty acids to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce inflammation. hyaluronic acid in epidermis needs water molecules to bind to and retain water.

Suggested use

Apply to face and neck twice a day after cleansing and toning.

Or apply as a mask.

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