build resilient skin barrier

upgrade your urban skincare routine with my consciously handcrafted concentrate oils to blend naturally with your sentient living. are you selective, discerning and aware? do you favour discretion over bold display? we all want to hide. of that I am convinced.

 roseroma curated skincare is to give sensitive, dehydrated and dull skin a natural pearl sheen and silky feel.

plants’ own reviving and protective nutrients naturally rich in vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, make it possible to minimise the steps of skincare routine while maximising the skin restoring benefits.

step one

cleansing facial oil and toner dissolves the impurities and dead skin cells leaving the lipid barrier intact.

step two

concentrate facial oil infuses hydration and nutrition to reinforce the skin’s barrier, promote cells turnover, and brighten the complexion.


roseroma roses

roseroma skin formulas are built around the soothing and healing properties of Damascan Rose, living tree resins, wild flowers and fruit extracts.

roseroma trio of oil treatments is enriched by Oleum Rosarum curated concentrate. it is a multi-staged fusion of thousands of rose petals by maceration and distillation. the resulting elixir reinforces the skin protection by supporting the skin bacteria to help maintaining homeostasis.

skin communicates how it feels. roseroma treatment is formulated to tune to the skin’s needs.

welcome to the roseroma story about the skin transformation.