Roseroma is a little bit of a concentrated botanical oil and a lot of personality… 

Handcrafted to restore resilience for dull and dehydrated skin.

what I propose is not a new way of skincare, but a new way of thinking about your skincare ritual and how it fits into your life.

our skin is intelligent, it communicates how it feels. my skin formulas are built around the regenerating and healing properties of Damask Rose, living tree resins, wild flowers, and fruit extracts.

Skin health

what science says

bio-active ingredients stimulate cell renewal, relieve skin irritations, heal, and repair skin.

a dermatologist once told me that we are doing too much for our skin. Complicated skincare regimens cause inflammation, sensitivity, and can make the skin lazy.

the answer is in simplicity. 

the fewer the products, the better for skin health. the less ingredients, the better – especially, when those ingredients are pure and whole.
Roseroma offers solutions to simplify your daily regimen while minimising clutter and waste.

simple skincare insures the potency.

Roseroma skincare





vintage and refill bottles are available.


to know more about a simple beauty regimen, get my roseroma brochure

Vintage bootles

about the founder

this is Luna. I take botanical oils hand made by environmentally focused artisans and blend them into oil concentrates for skin –  taking into consideration historically rooted tradition, my instincts, and lab research expertise.


in many vineyards you will see roses planted at the beginning and end of every row. this is because roses ‘monitor’ the health of the vines due to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities.

rose oil does the same for your skin, which is why it is  Roseroma’s main ingredient.

Minamalist skincare

which Roseroma product is right for you?

your skin is sensitive and damaged

Roseroma Cleansing Facial Oil and Toner is lightweight and gentle, making it perfect for washing away irritation as well as dead skin cells and impurities.

exquisite Rose Otto is infused in a deeply soothing base of precious Prickly Pear and Argan seed oils.

this serum will transform your sensitive skin by reducing inflammation and brightening skin tone.

your skin is dehydrated and ageing

Roseroma Facial Oil Concentrate is formulated to aid the skin’s moisture barrier – locking in hydration to slow the signs of ageing. precious Rose Otto oil is blended with the rich vitamins and fatty acids of Rosehip fruit and Raspberry seed oils to stimulate collagen production, retain moisture, clear complexion, heal and protect the skin from harsh conditions.

your skin is dry and loosing tone

Roseroma Rosa Body Oil is lightweight and healing and is perfect for traveling. it contains precious Rose Otto oil that is blended in Pomegranate seed and Calendula base oils to regenerate the skin, lessen the sun and wind damage, and infuse extra hydration.


roseroma roses

Roseroma’s Oleum Rosarum curated concentrate is a multi-staged fusion of thousands of rose petals by maceration and distillation. it reinforces the skin’s protective barrier.


to know more about a simple beauty regimen, get my roseroma brochure