Why clean skincare

what is good for nature is good for us.

clean skincare employs plant wisdom in protection and regeneration.

if you are tired of promises, your skin feels stressed and sensitive from hidden toxins, and you are overwhelmed with MUST HAVE products and ingredients, you probably look for something CLEAN, PURE, NATURAL, AUTHENTIC, and SIMPLE.

here is what clean skincare means to me.

when a single-family farm produces pure oils from the crops they grow organically or collect in the wild generations after generations, their produce is ethical and authentic and most of all, clean. the resulting oil carries the wealth of nutrients from the plants to skin.

then, pure oils are hand blended into healing and restoring formulas to infuse these precious nutrients direct into the skin.

in small batches, artisanal from start to finish.

as the Roseroma elixirs are ethically wildcrafted, they are versatile in application. 

pure, minimalist luxury.

any kind of skin needs VITAMIN A (retinoid) and VITAMIN C (antioxidant) to fight oxidative stress, prevent break down of collagen and elastin and build back up the building blocks of the skin, support cells turnover. essential fatty acids in rich carriers keep cells membranes healthy and by balancing the skin’s natural barrier, maintain the plumper, hydrated complexion.

my aesthetic is simplicity and minimalism.

Roseroma high performing trio of healing drops, composed of whole botanicals, deeply cleanse, tone, and protect the skin while saving time.

Roseroma cleansing facial oil and toner

Roseroma concentrate facial oil and mask

Roseroma rosa body oil and facial elixir

composed of seven botanical extracts. they feature OLEUM ROSARUM curated blend.


why your skin is looking dull

my approach is less products but better clean quality.

our body is designed to repair and replenish our cells and balance our biochemistry.

skin can differentiate between harmful and beneficial substances. nothing revives the skin more than the skin itself. it produces its own protective layer of an oily wax, called sebum.

one of the factors which determines whether any substance will be able to pass through the skin is the size of the molecules from which it is made up. plant essences have a small molecular structure and can be easily absorbed by the skin as they dissolve easily in sebum. the particles pass into the fluid that bathes every cell.

when we overload the skin with plentiful sophisticated products, it may still look DULL and sometimes IRRITATED. it probably just cannot absorb all that amount of goodness which is just suffocating the skin, affecting its barrier and the way it functions.

besides, overloading skin with too many rich and heavy textures can make it LAZY and dependent on external moisture. skin will stop working hard to perform its natural maintenance, protection, and hydration. using too many products can exacerbate any of the skin concerns.

Roseroma practice is to follow a simple approach to skincare. cleansing is the most important part in skincare regimen. after proper cleansing, the skin feels clear and toned.

i believe not only in less products but also in less ingredients.

skin needs essential bio nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants to maintain its resilience.

to have a luminous complexion we need to promote cellular renewal in skin.

botanical bio actives such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants are available in flower essences, cold pressed fruits, and nuts in abundance. these are the only ingredients i include in Roseroma treatments.

application to boost the skin’s resilience

press 3 drops of concentrate into the skin firmly for a few seconds, cover all parts, especially where the lines are deeper to improve the circulation.

skincare does not need to be complicated to be effective.


Roseroma was established in Wellington in 2019.

it is a result of a long search for non-toxic, clean plant-based skincare products easy in application and fitting smoothly into a busy lifestyle, SIMPLE, based on sustainable and wild plants.

Roseroma green oils are packed in emerald green glass bottles to balance the content of a potent green energy. every bottle is hand-wrapped in a handmade paper leaflet with the handwritten description of the benefits and secured with the recycled silk bow. some personal touch.

the formulations are balanced and gentle enough for sensitive, also stressed skin due to the healing and soothing properties of the active ingredients.

i focus on reinforcing the skin’s resilience by supporting its defence, healing, and regeneration naturally.

my idea of well-appointed bathroom

the time spent in the bathroom plays a significant role in our lives. our days are filled with duties and commitments. bathroom ritual is about self-love and pampering. it is time for taking care of our skin.

Roseroma treatment is tailored to meet the skin’s need in moisture and protection. every formula is multipurpose and versatile and composed of seven bio-active components. each component is a synergy of key nutrients to help support the skin’s own metabolism.

facial cleansing oil and toner is a FACIAL in a bottle. it is gentle, it quells irritation and locks in moisture.

cleansing facial oil and toner, paired with gentle massage, is readily absorbed by the skin, dissolves the products of the skin’s metabolism and oily deposits, and lifts the daily grime. massage allows the skin cleansing ingredients to proper penetrate the skin.

due to the lifting and plumping properties of flowers and seeds extracts i call it TONER too.

concentrate facial oil is reinforced with vital nutrients to brighten the dark spots, recharge the skin, and restore its LUSTRE.

concentrate will double as a replenishing mask, day or night.

it is especially helpful when skin needs more nutrients and protection, when it is dry and sensitive.

dry skin condition is a result of a disturbed skin barrier and reduced formation of epidermal proteins and lipids.

if you are into less products, rosa body oil is a healing and soothing treatment for body and face.

all three elixirs are skin loving and gently transforming, they are easily absorbed by the skin.

luxury is in the efficacy and potency of the ingredients.

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