What the skin needs: hydration, nutrition, protection

Roseroma skincare philosophy:

looking after yourself inside and out.

smooth skin and balanced mind might be life changing.

bio active botanical blend

oils treat facial skin to natural experience, especially if you are looking for products which do not include toxic ingredients.

they are delicate but potent. they deliver precious nutrients to the skin layers where they are mostly needed.

they offer antioxidants, improve cell-communication to prevent dehydration caused by compromised skin’s protective barrier.

good skin every day

Roseroma botanical skin essentials were composed to

heal the skin with the fine ingredients sourced where they grow the best,

reinforce the skin’s resilience,

activate its regeneration,

lighten the look of dark spots,

brighten the dullness,

lock in moisture and hydrate from within,

quell irritation.

plump, supple appearance of well-pampered skin cannot be faked even by the best makeup.

there is so much you can do at home with just a couple of clean skin care products based on the whole botanical ingredients.

hot summer puts its mark on our face, such as pigmentation from the sun, dehydration, inflammation caused by our lifestyle choices, and so does winter with the plummeting of temperature (heaters on), lack of exercise (toxins accumulating), winter blues (indulgences). those are the factors that impact drastically the way our skin performs, looks, and feels.

fragility and impairment of the skin barrier can manifest as symptoms of dryness, sensitivity, and lacklustre look.

high or low temperatures, our barrier becomes damaged and lets the pollution and pathogens deeper into the skin, causing inflammation, sensitivity, and redness.

Roseroma simple ritual

its purpose is to stimulate the skin’s own healing mechanisms.

skin needs to be cleansed, morning and night.

its natural cell renewal creates debris on the upper skin layer which needs to be removed to benefit from the next skincare step in the morning.

at night skin needs to be cleansed off the daily grime: excess facial oil, impurities, dead skin cells and pollutants.

CLEANSING FACIAL OIL & TONER is composed of high-performance oils distilled and cold pressed from handpicked wild and grown sustainably natural wonder-plants with one purpose to help skin restore and heal daily.

gentle massage morning and night, will aid the elimination of toxins, increase blood flow, boost lymphatic drainage, as well as help lift pigmentation, revive lustre, and sculpt the appearance of facial muscles.

CLEANSING FACIAL Oil & TONER is gentle and efficient to be used all year around. sumptuous botanical oils help replace lost lipids, provide antioxidants, and ease inflammation.

skin needs hydration which is the next step to replenish skin barrier. CLEANSING FACIAL Oil & TONER seals moisture in the skin.

CONCENTRATE FACIAL OIL is formulated to gently support the skin’s natural resilience and regain its radiance.

lightweight formula contains luscious vegetal oils such as camellia and raspberry seed oils to protect skin against environmental damage. they prevent dehydration by sealing moisture and reinforce the skin barrier of sensitive, dehydrated, dry or inflamed skins as a result.

ROSA BODY OIL replenishes anywhere it is applied to. if you are a minimalist and look for an efficient product, I suggest rich in nutrients rose body oil. the oil is well-appointed for traveling light.


1          ROSEROMA CLEANSING FACIAL Oil & TONER is lightweight in texture. take your time to work the product (7 drops) into your wet skin with circular strokes then upward and towards lymph nodes.

massage gives vitality to skin. it creates a calming effect to break the scars in the tissues.

follow the cleansing massage with lukewarm water and a towel.

2          press 3 drops of CLEANSING FACIAL Oil & TONER into the skin. it has a firming and brightening effect due to antioxidant activity and vitamins A & C.

3          infuse hydration, nutrition, and protection with just 3-5 drops of ROSEROMA CONCENTRATE FACIAL OIL. press them into your complexion. if you are not a makeup person, then concentrate is extremely important. it will let your skin shine through.

otherwise, one drop of concentrate facial oil may settle your makeup and create a more natural look.

4          ROSEROMA ROSA BODY OIL is a very gentle sensitive skin treatment. it can be used as protection, hydration, and nutrition for your face and after shower treatment for body.

apply just a few drops. reapply if needed.

ROSEROMA skin formulations support the skin in what it is designed to do by nature.

The future of the skincare

the world has changed.

we live in different reality now.

and we are not going to be the same.

by buying better, fewer products, we can contribute to solving many problems while still enjoying life.

the greatest worth is self-mastery.


sustainability encloses environment, welfare of humans and animals.

besides sourcing sustainable ingredients, sustainability to me is also about working with people in a supply chain who truly care about the product they are making.

consciously made, tightly edited skincare consisting of luxurious minimalist basics, this is how I see it.

the most courageous act is to think for yourself. CHANEL

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