What counts for skin wellbeing

Every cell is an organ of sense infused with majesty. Lorin Roche

skin wellbeing relies on cell protection from harm and its healthy metabolism. infused with phyto-extracts oil concentrates assist in protecting mytochondria (membrane-bound cell organelles that generate chemical energy to power cell’s biochemical reactions) and support proper cell function.

other phyto-extracts’ activities are protecting and activating the lymphatic system, removing toxins, dispelling inflammation, and stimulating cell turnover by providing a broad spectrum of beneficial antioxidants. they are pure plant medicine. they are lipid soluble and therefore capable of penetrating skin and cell membranes within minutes of application.

healing chemical compound caryophyllene is one of their components. healing is what I consider the most important property of the skincare as our skin is exposed to harmful environment all the time.

spa quality skincare, this is how I call roseroma oil concentrates, is about ingredients and how they are extracted. I focus on restoring ingredients. they are injected into the epidermis with the magic help of Rose Otto due to its quality to enhance permeability of other oils and support regenerative processes.

I macerate rose petals during the summer months to add the healing qualities of the fermented Rose to toning Rose distillate and restoring Rose oil to capture full spectrum of nutrition. as a result, the formula is enriched with beautifying vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids to activate the skin’s natural defence skills.

not to overwhelm skin, my treatment consists of less than 10 ingredients. I believe that the less ingredients the better, my magic number is 7. we let bio-actives support the skin’s healing and growing abilities, but we cannot force skin doing something that it is not supposed to do by nature’s design. also with pure oils we really need little due to their potency and great concentration.

sometimes frugality is beneficial. then goodness is appreciated and goes to where it is needed, giving an incredible boost.

I believe, our skin with having little but good can boost its wellbeing, not when it has too much of it.

Japanese are masters of the minimal

I love Japanese ability of finding beauty in little things.

they manufacture simple products with meticulous precision, quality, and minimalist branding.

the Japanese minimalist concept of beauty is understanding that we surround ourselves with objects that have an emotional value to us. They are to be cherished for their affective impact.

what does it have to do with the skin wellbeing

skin wellbeing depends on our emotional wellbeing.

 the best way to activate skin and restore its resilience is to let it heal on its own.

perhaps you will need to watch your diet: include the foods that are beneficial for skin’s wellbeing (again, nothing extraordinary, local fresh produce rich in protein, vitamins, and fibres).

skin’s wellbeing depends on body’s wellbeing aka balanced working of its systems. improving skin’s condition is a process, it may take some time and may feel uncomfortable at times. and these are the times which you can use for restoring your skin in the comfort of your home.

just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Anderson

have you noticed how good you look after you emerged from being unwell? you feel very tired and light in your body as it has been working hard to get rid of infection by means of unleashing inflammation. as a result, your organism heals and so does your skin. although first skin may react to inflammation by breaking out, feeling tight, dull, and dehydrated. body needs to get rid of toxins. but then it all heals. healing is what renews skin.

the secret of life is in art. Oscar Wilde

immerse in observation of the fine art, portraits of beauties by great masters. how luscious their skin looks, how light reflects their makeup free features, how full their hair is and how carefully chosen colours and fabrics enhance their complexion.

to give your skin a helpful hand, give it intelligent skincare that works.

what the skin needs to work well

skin needs retinoids which skin turns into vitamin A to increase cell-turnover, antioxidants to firm and brighten the skin, vitamin C and E to stimulate structural skin proteins and slow cellular ageing, essential fatty acids to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce inflammation. hyaluronic acid in epidermis needs water molecules to bind to and retain water. so, drink plenty of water.

more about what skin needs you can find in my article here


for your skin wellness loving your body, no matter what is pivotal. value your uniqueness and treasure your imperfections.

it is important to feed skin to growing health with the help of essential phyto-nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids), which plants produce for their own good.


authentic minimalist treatment, hand crafted

I composed three formulas around the precious healing properties of Rose oil. my own curated blend includes rose extract, distillate, enfleurage and macerate as I believe in wholeness. I call the fusion Oleum Rosarum. Oleum Rosarum and other seven whole plant extracts promote skin’s healing and restoring qualities.

luxury for me is an access to pure whole ingredients, easiness in application and feeling good.


about application

Massage is the best way to apply oil concentrates as for cleansing as for toning. massage improves local circulation and energy flow. massage helps the oils to dissolve the grime and dead skin cells and remove them from the skin. massage helps the actives to penetrate skin quicker and deeper into the dermis. massage soothes stressed skin and alleviates tissue blockages. at last, massage is an important part of selfcare to improve your self-esteem.



beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself (Mlle Chanel).

my name is Lena, and it means ‘big water’. I knew instinctively that beauty is about skin’s and hair natural lustre. Rose, its beauty and subtle but distinct powdery scent gives it all.


beauty is so much more than just appearance. beauty is about individuality and ability to make your own choices.


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