Skin healing ingredients

by using botanical oils extracted from wild plant material you may achieve lasting and visible results: help the skin to naturally heal and recover itself.

wild crafted plants have higher levels of therapeutic components due to their greater generic diversity and ecosystems. thanks to their nutritional value they promote skin healing, recovery, protection, and cell renewal. and efficacy justifies the costs.

ROSEROMA treatment is composed of three formulations, nutrient dense with whole plant-based ingredients to heal skin, repair and protect skin lipid barrier, and alleviate skin sensitivity.

plant essences, called oils, are true life essences, elaborated by the secretory cells of the plants which have tapped the photo-electro-magnetic energy of the sun and have converted it, with the intervention of enzymes, into biochemical energy under the form of highly diversified aromatic molecules.

ESSENTIAL OILS activate our lymphatic system, remove toxins, dispel inflammation, enhance mood, stimulate cell turnover, provide a broad spectrum of beneficial nutrients.

BOTANICAL carrier OILS are lipids, largely composed of fatty acids (building blocks and sources of energy) important in the building maintenance of healthy skin cells.

here are ROSEROMA skin healing and recovering ingredients

the superior quality ROSE OTTO comes from the first distillation of about 10,000 kg of flowers for the yield of 1 kg of oil.

rose oil soothes and heals skin inflammations by tuning micro circulation.

PHENYLETHANOL (one of the main components of Rose Otto) protects the skin cells from damage, reinforces the skin’s barrier and supports regeneration.

rose oil components (TERPENES with anti-bacterial properties) can inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and microbes, therefore, support the skin’s healing.

rose oil shows strong antioxidant properties, important in the stabilisation of cell membranes due to the component TOCOPHEROL, fat soluble alcohol.

rose oil works on the skin firmness, stimulates the cells to stick to each other and to their surroundings through the stimulation of the production of the cell adhesion proteins (DESMOGLEIN).

rose oil retains moisture while improving the appearance of dry, sensitive, and ageing skin.

rose petals contain astringent TANINS to assist in reducing sebum production.

rose oil reduces dryness, transdermal moisture loss, strengthens the protective mantle of the skin, keeps it balanced and resilient.

the sacred FRANKINCENSE tree is believed to be a divine gift to mankind. wild frankincense shows healing activity (stimulating the generation of new cells, protecting cells against disintegration caused by bacteria), prevents pigmentation, tones the skin, supports its vitality; helps to retain the skin’s suppleness; is of particular benefit to sensitive and ageing skin.

HELICHRYSUM or EVERLASTING is precious, extremely gentle, and highly efficient. It heals due to its anti-inflammatory property (CARYOPHYLLENE), boosts collagen synthesis, helps the skin to regain tone and luminous look.

ROSE MARY VERBENONE encourages clearing excretory ducts, strengthening natural immunity.

it works against loss of skin tone and helps retain the suppleness and moisture in the skin.

SANDALWOOD restores elasticity to mature skin, maintains epidermal barrier, supports the integrity and resilience of the skin.

ARGAN oil is rich in PHYTOSTEROLS, which encourage collagen production, unsaturated fatty acids, and its own rare form of VITAMIN E, known for its antioxidant properties. it helps prevent collagen breakdown.

argan oil is deeply nourishing and easily absorbed by the skin.

AVOCADO is high in CHLOROPHYL, natural rejuvenating antioxidant.

chlorophyl converts sunlight into energy through photosynthesis, a true plant powerhouse. it minimises the appearance of pores, helps reduce the signs of sun exposure.

CAMELLIA oil, extracted from the tea plant, restores the skin’s natural barrier. SQUALENE is known for replenishing powers for dry skin, important for hydration and protection (barrier) to avoid hyperpigmentation and irritation.

camellia contains VITAMINS A, B, C, D, E, mimics the makeup of sebum, is lightweight, does not clog the pores, locks moisture in, plumps the skin and promotes elasticity.

ROSE HIP fruit oil contains BETA-CAROTENE, which body converts into retinol molecules. it works as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from damaging free radicals.

it is the only vegetable oil which contains natural TRETINOIN, the acid form of vitamin A, which is good for damaged skin tissue, oily skin, sensitive skin, also reducing fine lines around eyes, and scars.

rose hip contains about 20 times as much VITAMIN C (firms and brightens pigmentation and dark spots; protects against pollution) as oranges.

rose hip is one of the best sources of OMEGA 6 and 3, VITAMIN F, which is involved in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration. it hydrates the skin and works for any skin type.

PRICKLY PEAR seed oil is rich in vitamin E, improves elasticity and protects the skin from oxidative stress.

POMEGRANATE seed oil has a high level of punicic acid (omega 5 fatty acid) which is called conjugated linoleic acid with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

less products and more substance

three roseroma skin loving oil concentrates deliver healthy doses of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids to the skin so that it can heal and recover.

plants are fascinating. wild plants survive and flourish in whatever conditions they find themselves. they get everything they need from earth, air, sun, and water and turn it into a living energy that fills them and sustains them.

our skin can heal and recover too with the help of the transforming phyto-nutrients which capture the full spectrum of healing energy from the plants.

Roseroma connects traditions of beauty secrets from different cultures and time frames, with artisanal quality, and expertise in composing skin care elixirs with the purpose to heal and protect the skin day after day.

skincare is a lifestyle, but it does not have to be complicated to be effective. luxury is in simplicity.

simplicity is sophistication Leonardo Da Vinci.

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