Roseroma skincare to achieve a brighter, smoother complexion

Everything you need to know about Roseroma skincare…

Roseroma skincare is crafted for my skin needs and my lifestyle. I’ll explain…

My body is my home, and my skin is my protector and mediator between inside and outside world.

Radiant, healthy, blemish free skin is the secret wish of many of us. What do we need to do to diminish visible discolouration, pigmentation and uneven texture – the result of summers spent in scorching sun? And years of using astringent toners and punishing pimple potions?

I found the way to improve my skin’s condition by creating a plant treatment rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins to let it work towards brighter, more youthful skin and reducing free radical damage.

Skincare is meant to activate and support the skin ability to protect, heal and renew itself.


Do you choose quality over quantity, handcrafted over manufactured, one of a kind over mass produced?

Luxury is in simplicity and choosing less but better.

slow living

I want to live my life on my terms but in balance with nature.

Travel is at the heart of the Roseroma lifestyle. It includes culture, adventure, escapism, exposure to learning that enriches and fills the heart.

skin healing

Roseroma skincare is about skin healing – using the healing powers of medicinal wild and naturally growing plants.

I admire plants, their ability to protect themselves, replenish and thrive. Plants are not only beautiful pieces of art. Plants metabolites are those medicines that help protect and heal skin and body. They are healing and soothing for minds too.

Roseroma skincare consists of three oil concentrates. It features skin healing oils with easy dissolving structure such as Argan (natural Squalene for hydrating benefits and Vitamin E), Rose Hip (Vitamin A and C), restoring Camellia, Pomegranate seed (firming Peptides help retain moisture), Prickly Pear (high in Antioxidants), Avocado (fruit source of Phytosterols), and Calendula (protects Collagen and Elastin supplies).

The bioactive components are healing, soothing and toning Rose Otto, Rose Absolute, and Rose Macerate, replenishing Frankincense, anti-inflammatory Everlasting, detoxing Rosemary Verbenone, and purifying Sandalwood.

Roseroma skincare is of pure plant source, oil based, very potent and concentrated. After a few applications your skin will acquire gentle sheen that marks a great pearl as complete.

Isn’t it a great reason to flaunt it bold and uncamouflaged?

skin wellbeing

Skin wellbeing relies on the healthy cells’ metabolism, including protection from harm. To support proper cell function, it is necessary to protect mitochondria (membrane-bound cell organelles), so that it can generate chemical energy to power cell’s biochemical reactions. Rose oil and Frankincense

Skin wellbeing depends on protection and activation of the lymphatic system to remove toxins, dispel inflammation, and stimulate cell turnover by providing a broad spectrum of beneficial antioxidants. Rose verbenone and Sandalwood

pure plant medicine

Plant extracts are lipid soluble and therefore capable of penetrating skin and cell membranes within minutes of application.

Roseroma luxury skincare is focused on the ingredients. The oils I use in Roseroma formulas are wildly natural: extracted from the wild or bio-dynamically grown plants.

I macerate rose petals during the summer months to add the healing qualities of the fermented Rose to restoring Rose Otto to capture full spectrum of nutrition. The formula is enriched with beautifying vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids to activate the skin’s natural resilience.

to offer skin a helpful hand, give it intelligent skincare that works 

I composed three formulas around the precious healing properties of Rose oil: rose extract, enfleurage and macerate as I believe in wholeness. I call the fusion Oleum Rosarum. Oleum Rosarum and other seven whole plant extracts promote skin’s healing and regenerating qualities.

about application

Massage is the best way to apply oil concentrates as for cleansing as for toning.

Massage improves local circulation and energy flow.

Massage helps the oils to dissolve the grime and dead skin cells and remove them from the skin.

Massage helps the actives to penetrate quicker and deeper into the dermis.

Massage soothes stressed skin and alleviates tissue blockages.

Massage is an important part of selfcare to improve self-esteem.

Rosa Damascena

Skin conditions including dry, ageing, dehydrated, sensitive, tired, and stressed can be gradually relieved with the help of one oil, Rose Otto extracted from the Rosa Damascena.

The whole idea of Roseroma skincare treatment was based on the skin healing and reviving qualities of Rosa Damascena.

Due to the wealth of the qualities of the rose oil it can fortify the skin barrier, seal the moisture, tone the skin, and support the skin’s resilience with vegetal nutrients.

Rosa Damascena adds and retains moisture for dry skin.

It is soothing, and antioxidant rich for sensitive skin.

It hydrates and firms dehydrated skin while improving the appearance of tired skin.

Rose is a powerful tonic. It has an astringent effect on the capillaries and on circulation generally. Rose oil has anti-inflammatory action on stressed skin.

Rosa Damascena is a star ingredient in Roseroma skincare treatment. Three compositions of seven pure botanical oils are a play around reviving phyto-nutrients, which authentically provide the growing and glowing components to skin.

All three formulas have proprietary Oleum Rosarum blend. I got inspired by Romans who used to infuse fatty oil with rose petals and called the resulting pomade Oleum Rosarum). It is an intricate multi-staged fusion of extracted, distilled, macerated, and infused rose petals to get the whole spectrum of reviving and restoring benefits for skin.

Rosa Damascena, var. Kazanlik

Rose essential oil was the first to be distilled in the tenth century Persia.

Before that the alchemist Avicenna produced rose water in an attempt to transmute base metals into gold.

The essential oil of rose is produced by distillation which yields a small amount of essential oil as a secondary product during the extraction of rosewater.

Every drop of rose oil is precious due to the huge quantity of rose petals needed to extract a tiny amount of oil, and the very high labour costs involved.

Rose oil or Otto of roses has an extraordinary complex chemistry, with over 300 known constituents, which make up about 86% of the whole. The remaining 14% comprises a large number of different trace compounds in miniscule amounts which are very vital for the whole oil, both from the point of view of its perfume and its therapeutic properties.

Rosa Damascena, Bulgarian Otto, has between 35 and 55% of citronellol, 30 to 40% is made up of geraniol and nerol, 1,5 to 2,0% phenyl ethanol, 0.2 to 2% farnesol, plus traces of a very large number of other compounds.

Roseroma formulas include the fusion of rose oil phyto-nutrients with restoring and healing properties for skin. The consistency is lightweight and easily absorbing.

Rose oil increases permeability of the other oils to ‘inject’ the vitamins and therapeutic ingredients; it supports the regenerative processes in the other layers of the epidermis.

A delicate scent of rose makes the skin elixirs even more desirable.

Rose is called the QUEEN of flowers. Rose petal extract preserves youthfulness of the skin naturally. Rose is a gentle but potent antidepressant and is very valuable for those whose feeling of insecurity is expressed as a lack of confidence.

Roseroma skincare is a multi-correctional synergy of oleum rosarum, seeds, fruits, and resins from the living trees.

By using Roseroma skincare on a regular basis skin condition will improve and so will the skin’s health.

clean skincare employs plant wisdom in skin protection and regeneration

If you are tired of promises, your skin feels stressed and sensitive from hidden toxins, and you are overwhelmed with must have products and ingredients, you probably look for CLEAN skincare.

here is what clean skincare means to me

When a single-family farm produces pure oils from the crops they grow bio-dynamically or collect in the wild generations after generations, their produce is ethical and most of all, clean. The resulting oils carry the wealth of nutrients from the plants to skin.

I hand blend the oils into healing and restoring elixirs.

Roseroma skincare elixirs are ethically wildcrafted, they are versatile in application.

Any kind of skin needs VITAMIN A (retinoid) and VITAMIN C (antioxidant) to fight oxidative stress, prevent break down of collagen and elastin and replenish the building blocks of the skin, support cells turnover. Essential fatty acids in rich vegetal oils keep cells membranes healthy and maintain the plumper, hydrated complexion.

simplicity and minimalism

Not to overwhelm the skin, my formulas consist of 7 ingredients. I believe in less but better. We cannot force the skin do what it is not supposed to do by nature’s design. With pure oils we really need little due to their potency and great concentration.

Sometimes frugality is beneficial. Then goodness is appreciated and goes to where it is needed the most.

The best way to activate skin and restore its resilience is to let it heal on its own.

When you emerge from being unwell, you feel exhausted as your body has been working hard to get rid of infection by means of unleashing inflammation. As a result, your organism heals and so does your skin. Although first skin may react to inflammation by breaking out, feeling tight, dull, and dehydrated. Body needs to get rid of toxins. Then it all heals. Healing is what renews skin.

Roseroma high performing trio of healing drops, deeply cleanse, tone, and heal the skin.

cleansing facial oil and toner

concentrate facial oil and mask

rosa body oil and facial elixir

are composed of seven botanical extracts. They feature OLEUM ROSARUM curated blend.

when your skin is looking dull

Our body is designed to repair and replenish our cells and balance our biochemistry.

Skin can differentiate between harmful and beneficial substances. It produces its own protective layer of an oily wax, called sebum.

One of the factors which determines whether any substance will be able to pass through the skin is the size of the molecules from which it is made up. Plant essences have a small molecular structure and can be easily absorbed by the skin as they dissolve easily in sebum. The particles pass into the fluid that bathes every cell.

When we overload skin with plentiful sophisticated products, it may still look dull and sometimes stressed. It probably just cannot absorb all that amount of goodness which is just suffocating the skin, affecting its barrier and the way it functions.

Besides, overloading skin with too many rich and heavy textures can make it LAZY and dependent on external support. Skin will stop performing its natural maintenance, protection, and healing. Using too many products can exacerbate any of the skin concerns.

Roseroma skincare practice is to follow a minimalist approach.

I believe not only in less products but also in less ingredients.

Botanical bio-actives such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants are available in flower essences, cold pressed fruits, and seeds in abundance. These are the only ingredients included in Roseroma skincare.

Skincare does not need to be complicated to be effective.

Roseroma was founded in Wellington in 2019 (the idea was born in 2015)

Roseroma skincare embraces my skills and expertise of three crafts: music, linguistics, and aromatherapy. Also, my love for style, art and history. Being a vagabond at heart I am hungry for experiences and my skincare is supposed to fit smoothly in my lifestyle.

Roseroma skincare oils are packed in emerald-green glass bottles to balance the content of a potent green energy. Every bottle is hand-wrapped in a handmade paper leaflet with the handwritten description of the benefits and secured with the recycled silk ribbon for a personal touch.

The formulations are balanced and gentle enough for sensitive, also stressed skin due to the healing and soothing properties of the active ingredients.

The focus is on reinforcement of the skin’s resilience by supporting its defence, healing, and regeneration naturally.

my idea of bathroom ritual

We start and finish our day in the bathroom. Our days are filled with duties and commitments. Bathroom ritual is about self-love and me-time.

Roseroma skincare is tailored to meet the skin’s need daily.

Silky, light, and fast absorbing serums, handcrafted to deliver an abundance of nutrients to renew and protect skin lipid barrier. A healthy skin barrier can also reduce visible signs of ageing by preventing moisture loss. Every one of three Roseroma serums can perform as a standalone product. Suitable for all skin types including oily, acne prone and reactive.

Facial Cleansing Oil and Toner is a FACIAL in a bottle. It is gentle, it quells irritation and locks in moisture.

Gentle massage dissolves the products of the skin’s metabolism and oily deposits and lifts the daily grime. Massage allows the skin cleansing ingredients to proper penetrate the skin.

Due to the lifting and plumping properties of flowers and seeds extracts I call it toner too.

Concentrate Facial Oil is reinforced with vital nutrients to brighten the dark spots, recharge the skin, and restore its LUSTRE.

Concentrate will double as a replenishing mask day or night.

If you are into less products, rosa body oil is a healing and soothing treatment for body and face.

All three elixirs are skin loving and gently transforming, easily absorbed.

luxury is in the efficacy and potency of the ingredients

Ingredients are subject to change at the manufacturer’s discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.

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