Resilient skin is a lifestyle

I believe that resilient skin depends on our lifestyle. Daily beauty rituals play an important role too.

toned body and happy mind

our body is our home, and our skin is our protector and mediator between inside and outside world.

our body is an amazing piece of art. our body may be perfectly imperfect. That is the beauty of it.

my body and my skin are parts of my identity. how do I identify myself in this world? what makes me happy?

the art of living

what is our lifestyle? what do we like to do for relaxation? what is our favourite preoccupation?

lifestyle defines the way we treat and dress our body. style is an important part of our individuality. we choose things that make us feel comfortable and beautiful. do you choose quality over quantity, handcrafted over manufactured, one of a kind over mass produced?

I want to spend my time on slow living, offering my healing skincare oils, simple and effective, to busy likeminded people, so that they can save on time, trends and must haves. Nature offers best solutions, I found mine, and I would like to make life easier for people who want to live well on their own terms.

travel is at the heart of the Roseroma lifestyle. it includes culture, adventure, escapism, exposure to learning that enriches and fills the heart.

resilient skin ritual

Roseroma is about skin health protection with the healing powers of medicinal wild and naturally growing plants.

I spent 7 years researching, trying, sourcing, refining, and tuning the formulas. I admire plants, their ability to protect themselves, replenish and thrive. plants are beautiful, different in form and colour. they are real pieces of art. plants metabolites are those medicines that help protect and heal our skin by being biocompatible. they are healing and soothing for our minds too.

Roseroma skin treatment consists of three oil concentrates. each formula features skin loving oils with easy dissolving structure such as Argan, containing natural Squalene for hydrating benefits and Vitamin E, Rose Hip with Vitamin A and C, restoring Camellia, Pomegranate seed with firming Peptides helping retain moisture, Prickly Pear, high in Antioxidants, Avocado as a fruit source of Phytosterols, highly moisturising, and Calendula, which protects your Collagen and Elastin supplies.

the formula’s bioactive components are healing, soothing and toning Rose Otto, Rose Absolute, rose Distillate and Rose Macerate, replenishing Frankincense, anti-inflammatory Everlasting, hydrating Rosemary Verbenone and purifying Sandalwood.

Roseroma treatment is of pure plant source, oil based, very potent and concentrated. a little goes a long way. it will keep your skin hydrated for many hours. after a while your skin will acquire gentle sheen that marks a great pearl as complete. a great reason to flaunt it bold and uncamouflaged.

Are you with me?

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