cleansing facial oil & toner


50ml (1.7oz)
Cleansing, healing, detoxifying, replenishing and brightening facial oil is enriched with:

Rose Damascena
rose petals hydrolat



camellia seed oils

This lightweight formula is designed to decongest the skin without stripping moisture.

As cleanser it

blends easily with the skin’s natural oils;

dissolves dead skin cells and make-up;

unclogs pores;

flushes out impurities;

soothes and protects against external irritants.

As essential tonic it

calms & soothes uncomfortable skin;

enhances the natural levels of antioxidants;

supports the skin’s collagen levels;

aids the skin’s cellular metabolism;

maintains natural moisture balance;

retains healthy lustre.

It is

toning (rose petals hydrolat) and

healing (Rosa Damascena).


Gently shake to activate.

Massage 7 drops into your wet skin.

For the best result leave it for few more minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water or with warm wet towel.

Repeat if necessary.

Press 2-3 drops gently to your face.

It can be blended with foundation to set it up on the skin. Use 1-2 drops.

We hand make our beautiful products in small drops. Every batch may have a slightly different aroma or/and colour as the oils we acquire may differ from season to season  due to natural factors. But we never compromise on the high quality of the final product.