Introducing a life-giving fluid for skin

Roseroma’s concentrates are a blend of flowers, resins, nuts, and the essence of slow living. Crafted by a wandering aromatherapist, linguist, and musician, these three unique concentrates are works in progress, evolving into valuable pieces of art for daily life. This journey from complexity to simplicity calls for the appreciation of true artisanship.

From Three to One

Inspired by the ancient Greeks, who created fragrant body oil from macerated rose petals, my wanderings intertwine modern and ancient worlds. The reference to traditional use in historic recipes infuses my work with the sophistication of timeless beauty. Modern expertise proves the efficacy of natural ingredients in a magical formula, complemented by a third ingredient – my instinct.

The Creation of Oleum Rosarum

By introducing macerated white rose petals to Rose Damascena petals, extracted and distilled, the Oleum Rosarum complex was born. Diluted in resins and nut extracts, this concentrate revives dull, tired, dehydrated, or ageing skin, enhancing your everyday skin health. Scent and extra nutrient options include:

  • Frankincense
  • Immortelle
  • Rosemary Verbenone
  • Sandalwood

Oh Rose!

Oh Rose! restores a luminous barrier, helping to reduce inflammation, lighten dark spots, brighten skin tone, and restore elasticity. This singular concentrate-oil is the culmination of my lifetime of research, trials, and triumphs. It hydrates the skin, fades fine lines and scars, stimulates circulation, promotes cell renewal, and soothes inflammation. Applied through massage, it helps the skin eliminate toxins and excess fluids.

The Perfect Start to Your Day

Begin your day with indulgence and create a luxurious mood. By choosing a vintage bottle, you add aesthetic enjoyment to the oil’s efficiency.

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Perfectly Luminescent Imperfect Skin

The holy grail of my beauty concept is achieving perfectly luminescent, imperfect skin.


Embrace the art of living today and now.

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