Say Goodbye to Dull skin

Transform Your Dull Skin with Roseroma Concentrate Facial Oil

Do you struggle with dull, often feeling dry skin that is prone to redness?

You have tried everything from expensive serums to natural remedies, but nothing seems to make a difference. You start to feel like your skin will never look or feel better.

Roseroma Concentrate facial oil is the answer!

Its lightweight formula is designed specifically for those with dull, prone to sensitivity skin – it nourishes and brightens the skin in just one week. Experience visible results – get the skin’s natural lustre you deserve today!

Here what one of my customers said about Concentrate Facial Oil:

Arzoo S.

My experience with RoseRoma has been like a love affair. I first got introduced to the beautifully bespoke rose oil range in 2020. I started using the concentrate facial oil at first and then added the (Rosa) body oil to my daily self-care routine.

As someone who had been using European creams the switch to the facial oil was gradual. I first mixed it with my day and night creams. My skin looked youthful and supple. My family commented on my glow, and I told them it was because of my adding rose oil to my skin care routine. Last year after I recovered from Covid, I realized my skin reacted to the creams and so I switched fully to RoseRoma. Bespoke, handcrafted and fully organic. I listened to my skin and gave it the medicine it needed…rose oil made by Lena.

And the result has been phenomenal. My skin is glowing, I do not have skin breakouts and even more, so my skin has no fine lines. I always have been a minimum makeup person; and the facial oil gives me such a glow that I do not need to put much makeup on.

I use the concentrated facial oil- 2-3 drops daily for my day and night routine. I also use the concentrate oil (4-6 drops) as a face mask once a week. I leave it on for 10 mins or so and my skin loves the ritual.

The oil makes me feel feminine and very powerful as a woman. I am so happy with my experience with RoseRoma. My skin glows from within, but even more so I know the simple and potent ingredients are perfect for me. I even introduced RoseRoma to my mum in Dec 2022 and she has become a fan!

Ghazala S. – Geneva.

I started using RoseRoma facial oil in Dec 2022 after my daughter gifted it to me as a xmas present. My skin already feels smooth and very healthy. I am using 2-3 drops daily and the small amount goes a long way. I am excited to see how my skin will change as I use the oil for my skin care routine.

My next step is to add the RoseRoma body oil to my rou􀆟ne and gave my whole body the experience of using rose oil.

Arzoo was a young woman in her late thirties with dull, sometimes reactive skin that was prone to redness. She had tried different European brands – natural creams and serums – but they seemed not to work for her skin. Then Arzoo decided to try

Roseroma Concentrate facial oil. She first used it together with her other products to see how her skin would feel. She was amazed at how her skin changed: visibly brighter, more even in tone, retaining moisture. She started feeling more confident so that she switched to only using Concentrate facial oil.

Arzoo called the Concentrate Facial Oil a medicine.

The treatment is infused with rich plant nutrients to soothe and replenish the dull, tired skin, improve complexion.

Concentrate Facial Oil contains seven potent botanical ingredients: Damask Rose, Frankincense, Everlasting in a base of Argan, Pomegranate, Prickly pear, Rosehip oils treasured for the ability to heal and repair the skin.

Damask Rose is at the heart of the formula for its incredible ability to boost and supercharge the skin with healing anti-inflammatory and cell-rejuvenating magic. Rose is particularly good for ageing, dry, and inflamed skin.

Frankincense oil’s one of the most valued qualities is to protect skin cells from disintegration caused by bacteria. It’s anti-inflammatory (due to the boswellic acid molecules) and antioxidant. Frankincense helps soothe skin, even out skin tone, promote the growth of the new cells, tighten the skin.

Everlasting (also called Helichrysum) is an essential component of the formula. It has profound benefits in improving the appearance of pigmentation and scars. Everlasting is crucial in relieving inflammation. It is a skin regenerator and collagen stimulant.

Argan Oil has significant content of nutritive components including essential fatty acids (soothing and hydrating), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), polyphenols (antioxidants), squalene (moisture retaining), and sterols (skin restoring).


Pomegranate oil is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamins C, K and E. It prevents skin from dryness, may reduce dark spots, prevent acne.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil is an excellent source of tocopherols. The oil possesses an astonishingly high percentage (over 80%) of unsaturated fatty acids with a linoleic acid content of 55-65% which makes it very replenishing.


Rose Hip Seed Oil possesses a unique nutrient profile that includes Vitamins A (retinol) and E, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. The oil is acclaimed for its ability to regenerate skin cells, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, and improve skin complexion.


The key ingredients have been chosen for their reparative, restorative qualities.

Lightweight formula is designed specifically for dull skin. So that you can feel confident in your own skin, stop worrying about dullness, and enjoy a healthy-looking complexion that brings out your natural beauty!

With Roseroma treatment you can achieve this! Try it today and start your journey to beautiful, glowing skin!

And finally, by switching to Concentrate facial oil you can save money and achieve radiant complexion.

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