Damascan rose, your secret weapon for radiant skin

for dry, mature, dehydrated, sensitive, dull, stressed skin

DAMASCAN ROSE adds and retains moisture for dry, mature skin. it is soothing, and antioxidant rich. it hydrates and firms dehydrated skin while improving the appearance of dull skin. rose has a powerful tonic effect on sensitive skin. it can be used for all skin types. it has an astringent effect on the capillaries and on circulation generally. rose oil has anti-inflammatory action on the stressed skin. rose distillate is soothing and toning the skin.

i spend my childhood in remote residential compounds surrounded by fir forests where i developed a natural affinity with nature. nature gave us, children, food, adventure, and certain insights. we learned to chew balsamic cedar resin as a natural chewing gum unaware of the ‘reviving’ properties.

the oil extracted from the ‘reviving’ resin became a part of Roseroma original formula. resin blends miraculously with perfection personified DAMASCAN ROSE. together they form an excellent natural emollient with softening and nourishing properties, accompanied by stimulating and antiseptic qualities making it ideal for dry, sensitive, and mature skins.

Damascan Rose is an ingredient spotlight.

i have a life-long fascination with the Rose. not a perfect one, but a sort of wild, with sharp prickles, a crooked stem, and sticky leaves. it is the flower itself that I could not take my eyes away as a small girl. a single rose on a dinner table had a few dishevelled petals of a scarlet shade of red and it oozed out a sweet powdery scent. it had a strong personality and a wild beauty.

many years later i crafted my perfect oil for skin. Rose is the star ingredient.

Roseroma is meant to be minimalistic, simple, whole and personal. the name is a fusion of ‘rose’ and the four first letters of my surname (roma, aroma). three compositions of seven botanical oils extracted, distilled, macerated, and infused are a play around reviving phyto-nutrients, which authentically give plants growth and protection, and therefore provide the growing and glowing components to skin.

all three formulas have one component in common, proprietary Oleum Rosarum blend. it is an intricate multi-staged fusion of Damascan rose petals and fruits extracts, distillates, and macerate to get the whole spectrum of reviving and restoring benefits for skin. the Ancients used to infuse fatty oils with rose petals and called the resulting pomade Oleum Rosarum.

about Rosa Damascena, var. Kazanlik

rose essential oil was the first oil to be distilled in the tenth century Persia. rose was a significant part of the attempt to transmute base metals into gold. instead Avicenna produced rose water and essential oil. the essential oil of rose used in Roseroma skin elixirs is produced by distillation which yields a small amount of essential oil as a secondary product during the extraction of rosewater, by the enfleurage and extraction.

every drop of rose oil is precious due to the huge quantity of rose petals needed to extract a tiny amount of oil, and the very high labour costs involved.

rose oil or Otto of roses has an extraordinary complex chemistry, with over 300 known constituents, which make up about 86% of the whole. the remaining 14% comprises a large number of different trace compounds in miniscule amounts which are very vital for the whole oil, both from the point of view of its perfume and its therapeutic properties.

Rosa Damascena, Bulgarian Otto, has between 35 and 55% of citronellol, 30 to 40% is made up of geraniol and nerol, 1,5 to 2,0% phenyl ethanol, 0.2 to 2% farnesol, plus traces of a very large number of other compounds.

Damascan rose adds and retains moisture for DRY, mature skin. it is soothing, and antioxidant rich. it hydrates and firms while improving the appearance of DULL skin. rose has a powerful tonic effect on skin. it can be used for all skin types. it has an astringent effect on the capillaries and on circulation generally. rose oil has anti-inflammatory action on the STRESSED skin. rose distillate is soothing, antiseptic, and tonic to SENSITIVE skin.

Roseroma includes both oil and distillate to balance the skin. the fusion of oil- and water-soluble phyto-nutrients has restoring and healing properties for skin. the consistency is lightweight allowing the skin and elixir have a chemistry together.

rose oil increases permeability of the other oils to ‘inject’ the vitamins and therapeutic ingredients; it will support the regenerative processes in the other layers of the epidermis leaving the defence intact. one of the overlooked properties of the rose petals extract is preserving youthfulness of the skin naturally.

a delicate scent of rose makes the skin elixirs even more desirable. you will not find it in commercially prepared products where synthetic version is used, totally lacking in any of rose therapeutic properties.

rose is associated with femininity and creativity, is called the QUEEN of flowers. rose is a gentle but potent antidepressant and is very valuable for those whose feeling of insecurity is expressed as a lack of CONFIDENCE.

Roseroma is a perfect skincare treatment to restore dull, dehydrated, sensitive, mature, and stressed skin with the help of multi-correctional synergy of oleum rosarum, seeds, fruits, and resins from the living trees.

by using roseroma treatment on a regular basis your skin condition will improve, so that you will need fewer drops for face and neck to keep skin maintenance going naturally.

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