about roseroma


this is a selection of three multipurpose skin elixirs of 

pure plant extracts  to protect the skin, its integrity, overall health and resilience daily.

the art of blending of craft and style,  intuition and expertise became a story of my life.

roseroma is me

it offers simple and gentle solution to repair the skin with the help of pure whole plants.


there are only three skin care concentrates, versatile and skin-loving. just a few drops is needed.


every serum is a concentrate of 7 plant extracts.


every oil is a synergy of multiple components, most represented and trace, both vital for the performance of the oil.


contains retinoids (to firm and smooth) and antioxidants (brighten and protect the skin).

healing and recovery


the intention is to give your tired and sensitive urban skin what it needs the most: healing, repair, and protection with just a few drops of pure and reviving plant nutrients.

roseroma oil concentrates meet your skin’s daily needs.

what the skin needs


I respect nature and the artisans  who continue grow plants bio-dynamically in their natural habitat.

the resulting oils preserve the plants’ vital activities such as anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating, toning. the composition of these oils delivers the essence of vitality to the skin.

concentrate facial oil


precious Bulgarian Rose Otto oil, Rosa Damascena, has been used for thousands of years to heal, tone and regenerate the skin. it was applied in balms to protect the skin from the harsh weather conditions. ancient beauties believed in the power of rose to stop ageing.

steam distilled rose essential oil is effective in treating all skin conditions due to antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, and cell-regenerating qualities.

Rose displays a wealth of benefits for skin, its enchanting scent shows therapeutic qualities in relieving depression and nervous tension.

to capture the full spectrum of nutrition for skin each formula includes 7 pure oils.

read about composition.