about roseroma


i believe in the potency of pure plant living forces which support the skin’s barrier integrity  and therefore its overall health and resilience day after day.

the art of blending of craft and ingredients, tradition and skills, intuition and knowledge became a story of my life.

roseroma is me

roseroma is a small brand offering simple and elegant skincare to repair the skin with the help of pure whole plants.


there are only three elixirs which are versatile and multifunctional. just a few drops can do the job.


every serum is a concentrate of 7 plant extracts.


every oil is a synergy of multiple components including the most represented and remaining trace constituents which are very vital for the performance of the oil.


contains retinoids (to firm and smooth) and antioxidants (brighten and protect the skin).

healing and recovery


to transform dull and sensitive urban skin I rely on the potent plant based ingredients with the broad spectrum of reviving activities in my highly concentrated formulas.

the intention is to give your skin what it needs the most: healing, nutrition, and protection with just a few drops.

roseroma treatment is supported by the wisdom of plants, profound knowledge of human body and deep research into therapeutic properties of oils, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, cell regenerating and healing among many.

what the skin needs


I respect nature and the artisans with strong ethics who continue their heritage of producing oils organically.

these precious oils are extracted with maximum care to preserve their vital constituents, which I utilise in roseroma plant-based skincare to transform the skin so it glows naturally.

about roseroma


precious Damascan Rose displays a wealth of benefits to protect and reinforce the skin’s resilience. it is enhanced by a few other whole plant oils to capture full spectrum of nutrition for skin.

each formula includes 7 bio-active components.

read about composition.